The digital license plate issue is back: Apple has a new one, and it’s not for you.

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We don’t usually like to comment on speculation, but this one is a real deal.

A new digital license-plate scanner used by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was detected in the United States, according to a post on the NHTSA’s blog.

The scanner, which is not part of the NSTSA’s license plate database, has been spotted in several states and was detected by an automated vehicle operator in Arizona.

The NSTSC has yet to confirm the scanner’s existence or whereabouts.

The agency did not immediately respond to Ars’ request for comment.

While the NSSI scan is new, it’s likely the NSCSA’s scanner is a precursor to the new digital fingerprint scanner Apple is rumored to be testing.

While the scanner uses a fingerprint scanner, the NISTSC’s scanner has a built-in digital license plates.

The NSTS is working on its own digital license scan, but the NGS has already been tested in a few other countries.

As Ars reported last year, the fingerprint scanner used in Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is actually more like a fingerprint reader than a license plate scanner.

It’s designed to track and unlock the device using a biometric fingerprint.

The new NGS is designed to be more like an ordinary license plate reader.

As for Apple’s digital license scans, the company has been able to track its fingerprints for years with a proprietary program called ApplePass, and fingerprint scans are used in a variety of ways on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus.

Apple already has a variety the way fingerprint scanners work: The company makes software that lets users install its software on a device and track their fingerprints on the device.

But it also offers a suite of other features, including a feature that allows users to create a virtual copy of their fingerprint to make sure they don’t have an expired license plate.