Which tech is your digital life’s primary goal?

The biggest takeaway from Recode’s Digital Multimeter poll is that digital is your primary goal, with 70% of respondents saying they’d rather spend more time with family and friends than with technology.

The most compelling reason for digital, however, is to improve the user experience.

In fact, 76% of digital buyers say they would pay $100 or more more for a higher-end smartphone.

While digital desire is often thought of as a single metric, a few tech-oriented startups have emerged to push it in new directions.

As Recode reported in November, a group of six startups is raising $1.3 million in funding for an app called The Digital Multimedia Platform, or DMP.

The group is based in Seattle, where DMP has built its software, which is open source.

It is also partnering with startups like Adobe to develop an app that would help developers create apps that use the data collected by DMP to help improve the usability of their products.

And it is partnering with other startups to provide users with tools for tracking their usage.

While the tech world is paying attention to the digital imperative, the digital-obsessed still have plenty of time to explore the possibility of buying a smartphone and a few new products.

For instance, Apple’s iWatch is set to launch in the fall, and Google’s Project Ara is set for launch in 2020.

While the latter could mean a big jump in smartphone sales, both could also be seen as the first step towards the realization of the digital age.