How to buy a PS5 for $249.99 on Black Friday, PS Plus

Buyers looking for the cheapest PS5 to buy this holiday season should look no further than Amazon, the retailer’s biggest competitor for the console.

In a blog post on Friday, the online retailer said that shoppers can purchase the PlayStation 4 for just $249, $179 less than Black Friday.

This includes all the new features of the console and its software, including the PS Now streaming service, which allows gamers to stream their favorite games.

It also includes free game demos and games for all three platforms.

Amazon is not the only retailer offering discounts for Black Friday shoppers.

Walmart is offering discounts on all PS4 consoles, including those coming this holiday.

However, you must be a member of Walmart’s online store to get a discount.

Amazon has already been offering discounts to some users for Black Monday, including for those who buy a PlayStation Plus subscription and have a Black Friday order.

Walmart will also offer free PlayStation Plus game demos to all PS Plus subscribers, as well as the ability to play games at a lower price.

Amazon and Walmart have yet to announce pricing for Black Fridays, but we are hearing that Walmart will offer discounts on the PlayStation Plus as well.

We will update this story with further information.