‘Blackface’ is the new ‘digital turbine’

Digital blackface is the next iteration of digital blackhead.

That’s according to the creator of the term and its main proponent, artist and digital technology evangelist Karyn Shipp.

“Blackface is an alternative to blackface,” Shipp said in a video posted to Instagram.

“Blackface as a way to say no to racism, to be non-confrontational, and to not have to defend yourself in the face of the white power culture.

The term has become a rallying cry for Black people across the country.”

She added: “Black people can’t have white people telling them what to do.

Black people can only have white culture telling them to do it.”

Shipp and her fellow black artists are currently organizing the digital black community and their work is featured on the new “Black Face: Blackness in a digital world” exhibit at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art.

Shipp also spoke with Recode about how she is using digital technology to “reconstruct” herself and her art.