Digital Marketing Agency to Sell Digital Calendars, Stickers, and Accessories to Office Depot, Staples, and Home Depot

Digital marketing agency Digital Marketing Association (DMA) will sell digital calendars, stickers, and accessories from Office Depot and Staples, along with the Office Depot store in downtown Denver.

The office supply chain is a big one, with some of the biggest names in the industry like Adobe, Microsoft, and Hewlett Packard.DMA will sell these products through its online store, which will allow buyers to easily purchase products through the store, and through their physical locations.

This means that customers can buy items from stores they may otherwise be unable to visit, and customers will be able to buy them in a more convenient way.

The digital calendar, for example, will be made from Staples paper, which is much more durable and easier to handle.

The stickers will be available in either black or white, depending on the brand.

The retail store will also offer a number of online options.

One of these will be a full online store where customers can order and purchase digital calendars.

DMA says the online store will be open until June 25, and the retail store is scheduled to open on August 10.

This article originally appeared on The Washington Post.