“Crazy, crazy, crazy,” says @pattoncarroll about his latest movie: ‘A lot of good stuff’

A new film called “Craziest” starring Patton Oswalt and the cast of the hit Netflix series “Cancelable” will be released this summer, Variety has learned.

The movie is based on Oswalt’s 2014 memoir, “My Life on the Road: A Journey From College to Broadway,” and will follow Oswalt, “a former college basketball player” and writer of books including “The Game Changer: A New World in Sports,” “The New York Times Sports Reporter” and “Frozen.”

The movie will be produced by “Cazers” director Kevin Murphy and is set to debut in theaters this fall.

It is currently unclear when the movie will premiere or whether it will air on Netflix.

A rep for “Corky’s” reps did not immediately respond to Variety’s request for comment.