How to measure the digital divide

Digital advertising is growing at an incredible rate, with advertisers spending more on each click than they ever have before, according to new research.

But the digital advertising debate is still a bit of a riddle.

So we turned to a team of mathematicians to find out how much digital advertising actually matters.

The answer is pretty interesting.

The question we asked is: what is digital advertising really worth?

Digital advertising is all about getting people to spend money on something, rather than buying it.

It’s also a means to generate revenue, and in the digital world, digital advertising has traditionally been expensive.

In digital advertising there are many different ways of achieving the same thing, and most people have a hard time distinguishing between them.

So, for this study we decided to measure just how much money an ad actually makes.

First, we calculated the cost of each click through an ad targeting system.

This is a system that’s similar to what you might use to buy groceries.

But it also counts clicks on YouTube, Google’s search engine, and other services, along with adverts that are on other platforms, like in print, radio, TV, and online.

The system is used by advertisers to make a living and helps them make money.

We measured the cost to run an ad through this system, and we got a pretty clear picture of how much advertising costs in terms of time, money, and effort.

This is the system used by Google and other digital advertising companies.

In the end, we found that, in aggregate, ad spending per click was $20 per click.

This was the amount of money advertisers would have to spend to get the same amount of clicks.

This means that digital advertising makes up almost 70 per cent of total advertising spending in the US.

But how much is that money worth?

The researchers looked at how much an advertiser would need to spend for a $20 ad to have the same effect.

So they assumed that an advertisers ad would have a $200 cost per click, and then we also assumed that advertisers would spend $20 each time they would want to click on an ad, or $50 each time an ad was displayed on a website.

We then compared these figures with how much ad spending is made on average each year by US businesses and with the amount advertisers spend in digital advertising each year.

We did this using data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This gives us a measure of how often people click on digital advertising.

The researchers found that digital ad spending in terms